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2 Reasons Why The Shape Of A Magnet Matters

You may wonder why some magnets can hold a piece of paper to a refrigerator and others can lift heavy machinery in the air. The answer is the shape. Magnets are made in different shapes and sizes to generate a magnetic force. Check out the two reasons why the shape of a magnet matters for more information.

2 Reasons Why the Shape of a Magnet Matters

Affects the Strength

The shape of a magnet affects the strength because it initiates the delivery of magnetic energy in the occupied space. In other words, the shape and strength determine the pull. When you magnetize two things, the aligned atoms pull them together. Generally, larger items have a better pull. For example, a large piece of iron has more atoms, and aligning it with another piece of iron creates a magnetic field. However, this isn’t always the case. Long pieces of iron can stray from magnetic fields and misalign atoms. This will result in a significant strength decrease of the magnet’s magnetic field.


Determines the External Magnetic Field

In relation to magnetic fields, the shape of a magnet matters because it determines the assembly of internal magnetic domains. The shape also affects the distribution of energy, especially in magnets with pointed ends. Meaning rectangular and square shape magnets have a stronger pull because of their pointed corners. Rectangle and square magnets are also used in industrial practices such as low-pressure overmolding.

Magnets are interesting. They can pull things together, stick to one another, or lift objects in the air. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is in the magnet’s shape. Always look back at these two reasons why the shape of a magnet matters when you need a refresher on this helpful information.

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