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Hell On Wheels – The Scariest Cars In Film

Spooky season is here and while some prefer to celebrate by dressing up as a zombie, watching horror movies is another popular Halloween tradition.

In the spirit of the spooky season, Bristol Street Motors has investigated 690 vehicles from Empire Online’s 50 Best Horror Films to decipher which is the most popular horror movie motor.

The 10 Scariest Car Models, According to Horror Film Data

  Car Model No. of Appearances
1 Ford F-Series 13
2 Ford Crown Victoria 9
3 Cadillac Fleetwood 8
4 Chevrolet C/K 8
5 Ford Custom 7
6 Ford LTD Country Squire 7
7 Volkswagen Beetle 7
8 Ford Escort 6
9 Ford Mustang 6
10 Ford Transit 6


With 13 appearances across the 50 films, the Ford F-Series is officially the spookiest car model. The pick-up trucks are especially popular in B-movie horrors, notably driven by Brandis in the opening of Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive.

The F-Series isn’t the only popular pick-up choice for horror, however, as the Chevrolet C/K series also appears in the top 10. Known by Twilight fanatics as Bella’s truck, Chevys also appear in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Poltergeist.

Despite being one of the most used cars in films for police cars and taxis, the Cadillac Fleetwood didn’t quite make number one for the horror genre. It appears in Get Out, It Follows and both of the It reboots.

One surprising addition to the top 10 is the Volkswagen Beetle. Known for its appearance in family friendly films such as Herbie, it also appears on nine occasions across the 50 horrors that Bristol Street investigated. On their way to the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, Jack Torrance drives the family Beetle while discussing cannibalism with his five-year-old son.


The 10 Most Horrifying Carmakers

Rank Carmaker No. of Appearances
1 Ford 113
2 Chevrolet 64
3 Volkswagen 31
4 Dodge 30
5 Fiat 22
6 Pontiac 19
7 Toyota 19
8 Volvo 18
9 Mercedes-Benz 15
10 Honda 14


According to Bristol Street’s data, Ford is the scariest carmaker, with 113 overall appearances across all 50 horror films. Ford holds some of the most iconic cars in horror, such as the Ford Mustang used by serial killer Kurt Russell in Death Proof, murdering victims in staged accidents using “stunt cars”.

Ford’s Club Wagon even plays a major part in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Though it may look like a van perfect for a road trip with friends, the Club Wagon is nothing more than a hearse as the characters pull into a petrol station owned by a cannibalistic cult that picks them off one by one.


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