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These Are All Of The Cars Featured In Marvel’s Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

Marvel always selects a partnership with a chosen car manufacturer for each superhero’s series of movies such as Lexus in Black Panther, Hyundai in Ant-Man or Audi in Iron Man. For Shang-Chi BMW was the chosen partner to provide the cars for the movie.

With an eagle eye Leasing Options has revealed all the cars featured in the film, read on to find out more.



Very early into the film you see the first big product placement showcase from BMW with an M8 in red.

Some observant people will also notice the signature BMW seats with the illuminated logo during the driving scene.



Probably the most interesting car in the movie is Razor Fist’s BMW iX3. Sat next to the charging point, this is showcasing BMW’s first electric SUV.

‘Razor Fist’ has his name graffitied onto the side and some strange blue teeth onto the front, as well as a personalized plate. Since the graffiti is not in focus for too long you might not even realize that it says ‘Razor Fist’ or that the plate is supposed to say this too.


BMW i8(s)

Covered in a few articles there were multiple BMW i8s destroyed during the movie in both orange and white. For a car fan this is very upsetting to see not only one but two BMW i8’s getting ran over by a bus.

An interesting nit-pick that some eagle-eyed fans might notice is that the two BMW i8s getting destroyed seems to be in the same place and changes color.


Land Rover Defender

As per most movies, the baddy’s henchman drives the reliable classic Land Rover Defender. These always seem to be the car of choice for private armies and normally come alongside some armored vehicles or Mercedes G63s(s).

We could soon see this change soon after 007 No Time To Die comes out as we will see the henchman driving the new and improved 2020 Land Rover Defender model rather than the 1990 model. Will this set a precedent for upcoming movies, and will new movies see henchman driving the 2020 model?


BMW 7 Series

Placed discreetly in the back of the opening scenes with the M8 is the BMW 7 Series. It’s in the background but easily identifiable with the giant grill which has become iconic with the giant executive saloon.


Porsche 944

Another hidden gem that will go unnoticed by most is the Porsche 944 which would be missed by most, but petrol heads will always spot.


Toyota Camry

The last one of note which gets a decent amount of focus is a taxi the protagonists get out of in Macao. When they arrive at the scenic “Las Vegas of Asia” they step out of a new Toyota Camry.

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