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10 Steps: How To Start Your TikTok And Become Popular

Since TikTok was launched in 2016, it has experienced a skyrocketed growth and is currently one of the most popular social networks worldwide. It has seen the widest reach amongst Gen Z, although they are not alone in loving and using this platform. As of 2020, TikTok had already amassed 800 million active users.

Understandably, you have aspirations to be TikTok famous. However, achieving this is not so straightforward as there are several things that you need to do consistently to become famous on this platform. Here are a few of them.


1: Have A Niche

You cannot be loved by everybody on this platform, so it makes more sense to find your niche and stay there. This allows you to attract people with the same interest as yours, and they are likely to love you and your content.

To determine your niche, think about two things that you find exciting and combine them into a niche. Next, think about the kind of followers that you want and try to make videos that they find appealing.


2: Post-High-Quality Content Consistently

Like other social media platforms, consistency is also important to grow on TikTok. For example, with TikTok, you should post every day, at least once each day. This may sound like it is too much, but in reality, your TikTok content can’t be too much.

On TikTok, it is always better to post more. If you post long-form content, the only exception is that it’s more ideal for posting every 2-3 days.

You must make sure that your content is always high-quality as no one loves low-quality content. If you are consistent with posting high-quality content, you will get more followers.


3: Create Content With A Trending Song Or Audio

Audio tracks make up the soul of TikTok videos. You must have come across TikTok videos where users lip-synch to popular songs, act skits to viral audio, or dance to trending tunes. While this app offers different sounds that users can use for their video, TikTokers use popular audio or song to reach more people and increase engagement.


4: Include Trending Hashtags

Using hashtags on TikTok increases the reach of the videos. However, like other social platforms like Instagram, it is crucial to use the right hashtags. Also, make sure it is relevant to the video. For example, use hashtags that relate to funny skits if you create a comedy video and hashtags that relate to hair if you make a hair tutorial video, etc.


5: Recreate Trending TikTok Videos

TikTok is mostly about trends. This is why you’ll find that there are multiple videos with the same content on them. Recreation of viral videos is a common feature of TikTok. It is something that most TikTokers do, and it is an excellent strategy to receive more attention and become more popular on this platform. Posting videos that are proven hits will get your massive engagement.

Dances and skits often go viral, as well as popular songs and audios. For example, “Say So,” the choreography and the song were a hit on this app. It had its challenge that gained much traction. To gain more traction, you should create your version of songs, skits, or dance that goes viral like this.


6: Partner With Famous TikTokers

The fastest route to growth is to collaborate with famous TikTokers. You will not only reach more people from which you can have loyal fans; you will also be reaching the fans of the person you collaborate with. So, if you partner with someone with one million followers, then your video will be seen by at least one million people. This makes it a fast method. However, not everyone knows a TikTok influencer with one million followers. So it is best to start small and slowly increase your network.

Be sure to use the right hashtag to improve the video reach. If it is a collaboration, ensure to tag your partner to the video.


7: Have A Consistent Theme

People are likely to follow you if they feel your content is in line with their interests too. This is why you need to have a theme that you are consistent with. For instance, if you have a passion for dancing, dancing has to be the theme for your videos. Create content about dancing and be consistent with it. This will help you to reach TikTokers that love dance and are interested in your dance videos. You may lose these followers once you start to stray from that theme. You can’t have loyal followers with an eclectic feed.


8: Join Hashtag Challenges

Brands create hashtag challenges occasionally, and TikTokers join the challenge by creating videos relating to the challenge and adding the hashtag used for the challenge. An example of this is the #scoobydoochallenge, in which people had to recreate the Scooby-Doo dance. When the campaign ended, the hashtag had more than seven million views.


9: Post Consistently

If you are not active on TikTok, you are unlikely to gain followers. No one follows a dead account. Everyone wants to be entertained with a consistent stream of video content on their feed. Posting consistently keeps them interested in your account. Thankfully, TikTok itself provides you with many content ideas to create or recreate and publish every day.


10: Comment On Viral Videos

According to essay help UK, commenting on popular videos can help you boost your followers. These videos tend to have thousands and millions of views. So your comment will be visible to many people, and some of them might take up an interest in your account; go through your profile, and follow if they like your content.



TikTok has grown very rapidly in recent years and continues to grow at a faster rate. However, it’s not too late to become famous on TikTok. The tips in this article can help you achieve that.



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