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Good News Fridays: Meet The Magic City Acceptance Academy

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A new charter school in the Birmingham area just opened up.  The Magic City Acceptance Academy facilitates a community in which all learners are empowered to embrace education, achieve individual success, and take ownership of their future in a brave, LGBTQ-affirming learning environment.

The Magic City Acceptance Academy (MCAA) is a charter high school sponsored by Birmingham AIDS Outreach as part of its mission to provide free services for LGBTQ youth. The school provides a standard high school curriculum while fostering an environment free of bullying, which is a major factor in limiting educational opportunities for LGBTQ students. Straight “allies” are also be welcomed at the school. The curriculum incorporates trauma-informed teaching strategies to facilitate learning.

The vision for the Magic City Acceptance Academy is to motivate and prepare students in grades six through twelve by providing an exceptional, innovative, and quality-driven education. MCAA’s purpose is to engage students who have dropped out, are not thriving in traditional schools, or are enrolled in home-school programs. Mentors and teachers will be incorporated throughout the diverse MCAA curriculum to empower students in directing their own education. MCAA will provide a brave learning environment and LGBTQ affirming culture for all.

Below, learn more about the new school from school leader Dr. Mike Wilson.  Its awesome to see a place like this now open!  Learn more at:

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