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When Is The Right Time To Change Your Vape Coil

For a safe, smooth, and ultimate vaping experience, you must clean, maintain and change accessories of a vaping device. A crucial changing part of most vaping devices is a vape coil. Cleaning it might increase its longevity, but its change is unavoidable. Here, we tell you what it is and when to change it.


What is a vape coil?

A vape coil is that element of a vape pen that heats the e-liquid and vaporizes it. You usually find it in the vaporizer head. It is essentially a wire wrapped spirally around a wicking material. As they are responsible for heating the e-liquid, they undergo multiple heating and cooling cycles, burning them out.  Furthermore, the residues of the burnt e-liquid deposit on them and make them clogged. Consequently, the taste, flavor, and amount of the vapor get contaminated and dry, creating a need for replacement.


Tell-tale signs indicating a need for vape coil replacement

We now know that both newbies and veteran vapers would need to change the vape coils at one point. However, not many recognize the right time to change the vape coil. Delaying the change would destroy the vaping experience. On the other hand, if you change it too early, it would prove expensive in the long run.

With that said, the following tell-tale signs would give you the cue that it is time to change the vape coil.

1.   Change in taste

One of the pleasures of vaping is its sublime taste and flavors. A lousy coil distorts that experience. You will feel the change in taste in two ways that would let you know it’s time to change the vape coil.

●      Burnt taste

The most common and evident sign of a coil reaching its end life is a burnt taste in our mouth. The taste persists regardless of the kind and flavor of e-juice you are using. The burnt taste also creeps into all types of vaping devices, including premium ones.

The burnt taste is a sure shot indicator to change the coil. Sometimes the taste might fade when you clean the coil, but it returns soon if it is about to expire. If you do not change the coil then, it might damage other parts of the vaping device.

●      Funky taste of the e-juice

A worn-out coil would not give you the original flavor and taste of e-juice. You can easily understand the off-taste of your favorite flavors. Check whether the e-juice is not stale. If not, the off-taste blooms to a burnt taste if you continue vaping.

A coil nearing its end would also hold on to the flavor of the previous e-juice for a longer time. Hence, you would taste the old e-juice along with the awful taste of the new juice. If you experience this mix of flavor, change the vape coils immediately. It would restore the taste and flavor to perfection.

2.   Poor vapor production

Since the vape-coil is responsible for producing the clouds, the volume of the cloud would start diminishing as the coil’s efficiency reduces. It is the first visual cue for a coil change. You understand it immediately when you experience a change and dip in your satisfaction level and rhythm.

Sometimes a dying battery can also lead to low cloud production. Verify that and then change the coil. The problem should be resolved instantly.

3.   Gurgling sounds while vaping

A vaping device in optimum condition would never gurgle. The gurgling sound while inhaling vapes indicates that the device is malfunctioning. Most of the time, you would witness the sound disappearing as soon as you change the coil. But if the sound persists, it indicates that something is seriously wrong with your vaping device. You might even need to change the device.

4.   The vaping device starts leaking.

A leak in the vaping device can trigger several reasons like worn-out rings, an overflowing tank, or even a lousy vape coil. You can assess the damaged or burnt-out state of the coil by its physical examination. Changing the coil would solve the problem more often than not. If it persists even after the change, it might be a hardware issue, and you might need to replace the device. The device can die if you let the leak persist.


Steps to change the vape coil

Changing the vape coil is straightforward in most devices. The essential steps of changing the coil remain the same.

To change, you need to:

  • Dissemble the vaping device and unscrew the battery and separate the tank.
  • Flush the remaining e-liquid alongside running water into the sink.
  • Clean the tank and let it air-dry.
  • Presoak the new coil’s wicking material with a few drops of the e-juice you intend to use. If you use the dry wick, it will burn, and you would need to replace it again.
  • Unscrew the old coil from the bottom of the device and replace it with the new soaked coil. You can do it on tissue paper to avoid mess and spillage.
  • Refill the tank with the chosen e-liquid and reassemble the vaping device.
  • Check for any leak and rectify if any problem persists.
  • The device is ready for use.


Wrapping up

Changing the vape coils at the right time and properly will give you a sublime vaping experience and extend your vaping device’s life. Changing the vape coils like a pro will require some practice, but soon it will be the way to sublime pleasure every time you puff.

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