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How To Care For Laboratory Equipment

Every laboratory that handles scientific research or medical testing must hold itself to the highest safety and cleanliness standards. Machines that people use day in and day out will grow dirty and weary, so make an effort to clean them regularly. Here is how to care for laboratory equipment.

How To Care for Laboratory Equipment

Know the Equipment

The first thing you must do when caring for any piece of technical equipment is understanding the device itself. For example, if you do not understand that you cannot wash a car’s interior with water in the same way you can the exterior, you could damage the electrical console. The same works with delicate scientific measuring equipment that needs special handling and care.

To start learning about the equipment, read the owner’s manual and figure out the manufacturer recommended care regimen. This material may have tips, tricks, and warnings about maintenance that you should be wary of.


Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance is a must for all lab equipment. However, you can choose how often you get that work done. Instead of setting work orders when something is wrong, you could inspect machines consistently and head problems off before they snowball into bigger issues. Many lab managers use contract maintenance for lab equipment because it brings in the most qualified people for the best price.


Clean Every Day

Laboratory machines requiring cleaning each day. Either in the morning or at night, your team should follow a checklist of cleaning tasks to maintain a sterile and orderly work environment. Your lab devices should be all set for the next day, so spend time ensuring that everything is in place and in working order. Otherwise, unfinished tasks from the previous day will take time away from tomorrow’s agenda.

Knowing how to care for laboratory equipment will lengthen the lifespan of your tools and boost your productivity. Laboratory downtime due to machine issues is costly, so avoid such problems with consistent care that keeps all devices at peak performance.

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