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Disability Awesome: Fighting The Use Of Electric Shocks On People With Disabilities

Welcome to Disability Awesome. Each week, this post will feature a person or persons with mental and / or physical disabilities who are doing awesome things! As someone with an disability, I love it when others when disabilities do great things!

This is not so good news.  A judge ruled that The Judge Rotenberg Center, a institution for people with developmental disabilities, emotional disorders, and autistic-like behaviors, can continue to use electric shock devices, which is just mind-boggling!  As someone with an disability, its never okay to shock anyone!  It’s abuse and torture!

A new wave of activism by disabled Americans has quickly gained momentum under the Trump administration in response to federal policies they feel are threatening their community on issues ranging from healthcare, to education, to fundamental civil rights.

VICE’s Ryan O’Connell, who lives with cerebral palsy, joined hundreds of activists from ADAPT, the largest organizer for disability rights in the U.S., as they staged several days of protest and civil disobedience in Washington D.C.

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