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Popular Psychedelics Good For More Than A Quick Trip

At the Oklevueha Native American Church of Inner Light in Warrior, Alabama, psychedelics such as cannabis, peyote cactus, and magic mushrooms are being used as sacraments during worship. Over the past decade, microdosing of psychedelics has become increasingly popular among users who are not simply looking to boost creativity and productivity. Now, there is even scientific evidence pointing to the effectiveness of various psychedelics in treating various mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Although traditional antidepressants definitely benefit some users, they can take months to take effect, and have also been proven to be more addictive than many more natural alternatives. As promising as microdosing for mental health may sound, it is of vital importance that you garner at least a basic understanding of the impact of various drugs on the human psyche.


Ketamine can do more than get you high

For a long time, ketamine has had a reputation for being a ‘trip’ inducing anesthetic that was used extensively by U.S. field surgeons during the Vietnam War. Today, it is favored by both partygoers looking to get high and ground-breaking scientists and mental health practitioners.  On 5 March 2019, the FDA made history when it approved a ketamine-based nasal spray as a psychiatric treatment for patients living with refractory depression. In August the following year, the approval for esketamine was extended further to now include adults with severe depressive disorders with acute suicidal tendencies. While the recreational use of ketamine will undoubtedly continue despite efforts to put an end to it, it’s good to know that its mood-boosting properties are being put to good use.


Magic mushrooms can do wonders for mental health

Mushrooms containing psilocybin (a hallucinogenic) are found across the globe, and have been ingested for ‘fun’ for centuries. Apart from providing a trippy experience, magic mushrooms also sport noteworthy therapeutic potential for a range of mental health concerns. In fact, research has found that a single microdose of shrooms is able to produce a long-term reprieve from anxiety and depression. Although deemed somewhat controversial, the research has received favorable feedback from the FDA. It has given the go-ahead for further studies, which could, in time, lead to magic mushrooms being approved for the treatment of psychiatric patients. If you’re feeling down, however, don’t try to cure your blues yourself by munching on a magic mushroom as it’s very easy, and dangerous, to overdose.


LSD may boost mood and productivity

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is probably the most popular psychedelic that is being microdosed for wellness benefits. According to an experimental psychologist at the University of Chicago, Harriet de Wit, LSD users have claimed to enjoy a variety of benefits from microdoses, including boosted energy, increased productivity, enhanced focus, and decreased anxiety. Although substantial additional research is still required to determine exactly how microdoses of LSD can aid mental health patients, an increasing number of scientists and medical practitioners are readily embracing the concept. While LSD use is still illegal, it cannot be ruled out as a future commercialized remedy for everything from anxiety to depression.

Although all of the above psychedelics are still being used for recreational purposes, they may prove to be very useful in the treatment of mental health concerns. They will, however, only suffice if being used under the guidance of trained and experienced mental health practitioners.

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