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The Evening Post: Make Your Home Green Friendly—And Save Big On Your Utility Bills

It’s not always easy to think of new ways to save money at home. Extreme couponing or cooking your meals at home can certainly help, but not all of us have the fortitude for either. Luckily, in most homes, there are many ways to cut back on your energy usage that will end up saving you money on utility bills.

Each room in your house is a treasure trove of electronics these days—and most (if not all) of these electronics can be managed with smart home devices. In the infographic below from HomeAdvisor, you’ll find energy-saving recommendations for the kitchen, laundry room, home office, bathroom, attic, basement, and outdoor spaces, as well as a few recommendations that cover the whole home. You can also click the infographic to view a habit tracker that helps you compare your energy consumption throughout the home and address areas that need an efficiency boost!

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Home Energy-Saving Tips

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