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5 Tricks To Help Make Your Next Family Move Easier

A move is never something that anyone looks forward to as it is emotional to leave your home and overwhelming to get everything on the to-do list done. If you have children, it can be even more overwhelming as you have even more things that have to be moved and even more people to move. Though a move may not ever be fun for you, it can be less overwhelming and much easier through following some simple tips. You can read more about those tips to make your next move as stress-free as possible in the information that is found below.

1. Start Easy

When you are moving, you do not have to make your life more difficult than it already is, so do everything that you can to keep things easy. If your clothing is on hangars, for instance, leave them on the hangars and just wrap a trash bag around them to place them in the moving truck or car. There is no point removing the hangars then having to put them back up as soon as you get into your new home. If you already have items in drawers, leave them in drawers and just put tape over the drawers soo that they do not fall out on the drive. If you have multiple cars to get to your new home, consider a car shipping company instead of having to go back and forth just to get all your cars.


2. Make Labels

When you are ready to unpack your new home, it can be overwhelming not knowing where anything belongs or what anything is. You can make that process so much simpler though if you take that the time to label the boxes. The movers can then just put the boxes in the appropriate rooms so that you can work room by room to unpack the boxes. You can even encourage your children to unpack their own rooms once the boxes have been placed in the bedroom that they belong in at your new home.


3. Use Moving Apps

If you are technologically savvy and labels just do not work for you, consider downloading a mobile app. There are literally apps available for everything now, including apps for moving that can help you determine what box is for what and what is in each box. You can take pictures of each box, organize them into lists, and know exactly where something is when you need it in the moving process. You can even search with a keyword that you place on your photos within the app so that you do not have to waste time.


4. Make a Box for Important Things

Everyone knows that when you are moving, you may accidentally pack away something you need. You may even, when you get to the new house, need these important goods as soon as you get there without them having a specific place. These items should just go in one box that you mark as important or in any other way that you will remember. It can be a place for phone chargers, laptop chargers and computers, wallets, toiletries, the first couple of outfits you need, and anything else you can think of.


5. Treat Yourself

The final way to make your move much easier is to give yourself some sort of incentive to get things done. Until you get to the final result though, do not be afraid to eat some junk food, listen to music, and take breaks when necessary. At the end of the move, treat yourself to that perfect piece of decor that you want for your new home. Consider even a spa day or a trip to a park with your family when you arrive in your new city or to the new town.

A move is one of the most stressful things that anyone may have to go through, but it does not have to be so overwhelming. You can make it more fun through having incentives and enlisting the help of family, for instance. You can also make it easier by keeping yourself organized in any way that works the best for you, whether that be through a mobile app or labels.

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