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How To Greatly Improve Your Dogs Quality Of Life

Most people think about dressing up their dogs in designers whenever the thought of improving their furry animal’s quality of life comes up. While this is a great and interesting thing to do, there is more to taking care of your dog than dressing them up. Most of the time, it will not involve expensive snacks or toys. If you are a pet owner, you know how taxing it can be to keep them alive, happy, and healthy. You constantly find yourself out of ideas on how to take care of them. Here are a couple of things you can do that will go to lengths to improve your dog’s life.

Have Regular Veterinary Checks

The best gift you can give your dog is good health because you enjoy many happy years with them. Ensure you schedule at least a yearly visit to the vet. Your dog will get checked out, and any disease they might have will be treated before it gets out of hand. Many people complain that it can be a costly affair, so you should get an affordable pet insurance policy. They will take care of all the vet’s visits, and you can worry less about breaking the bank after each visit.


Ensure Your Dog Exercises

All dogs, whether big or small, need to get enough exercise. Without exercise, they are bound to get antsy and might destroy things in the house. If you live in an apartment with no backyard, it might be difficult for you to let your furry little friend out to get some sun. There are dog parks in many cities to help with such issues. You can take our dog there to meet other dogs and to get some exercise. Dogs that do not exercise or socialize with other dogs take some time to break your dog. Having guests over might be difficult because such dogs are very anxious. A broken dog is easy to be around and is safe around small children.


Exercise Their Brains

Apart from physical exercise, ensure you give them mental exercises as well. Dogs are very curious, and you might find them turning everything upside in the house if they are idle. You can get them new toys with interesting textures as these can keep them occupied for a while. If they are younger than eight weeks, getting them trained is a great way to keep them busy. For the older dogs, you can slowly teach them how to obey simple commands.


Put Your Dog on a Diet

Even though it might be difficult for you to enjoy your juicy well-marinated steak while your dog watches, it is for their good. While there is no harm in feeding the dog tidbits of your food from time to time, overdoing it can cause serious consequences to your dog. To avoid such issues, ensure your dog eats their dog food. They come packed with enough nutrients and will ensure your dog stays healthy. You also get to avoid getting them obese due to the excess fast in human food. Another thing you should do is limit the number of treats you give them. Too many sugary treats can give your dog foul-smelling breath and cavities.


Show Them Love and Affection

Dogs are very affectionate and will notice if you are distant from them. Ensure you spend time with them and give them undivided attention. Rub their tummy and behind their ears as this is one of the things they love to do. Do not be afraid to run around and tumble with the bigger dogs since they, too, know when you are playing. Spending time with your dog is very vital, so do not ignore this bit. Treating your dog like you would a member of your family will make them feel appreciated and loved.

Even though dogs are four-legged and furry, they behave like humans. It is the main reason why they get along with people easily. These rules will go a long way to ensure that your dog stays happy and everyone knows that a happy dog is a happy owner. In committing yourself to improve your dog’s life, you will end up improving your own.

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