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Good News Fridays: Why The X-Men Cartoon Theme Song Is Even Better Than You Remember

Welcome to Good News Fridays.  Each week, this post features something good, wholesome, positive, and overall something great.  We all need something good to read or watch on Fridays!

Remember the opening sequence to X-Men: The Animated Series?  Yeah, that opening music is awesome and iconic!  In the early 90s, Marvel, Fox Kids, and Saban Entertainment teamed up to create one of the most beloved superhero cartoons ever made — X-Men: The Animated Series.

Each episode was kicked off by an intense, driving opening theme song that resonates in the minds of nerds to this day.  The folks from NerdSync sat down with the composer of the song, Ron Wasserman, to explain how this theme song was made, and why it’s so perfect!  Enjoy below!

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