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3 Ways A Life Coach Can Upgrade Your Life

A coach is someone who is watching you for small ways to make big improvements over time. If you’re struggling to build a business, take on a new project or just take care of things you can’t seem to get moving on, a coach can help you to break away from an old, ineffective pattern and make a positive difference by adjusting your perspective and changing your behaviors.


A New Perspective

To get the most from your coaching sessions, it’s important to note what a life coach doesn’t do. A life coach isn’t a therapist, though the study of why people do what they do is extremely important for a good life coach. If trauma, poor self-esteem, or fear is getting in the way of how you want to live your life, a therapist is a great investment.

What a life coach can do is take a look at where you are, where you want to be, and the steps you’ve taken thus far that may or may not be working as well as you like. For example, you may have built a successful business but now find that your social life has suffered. You might be struggling to put your daily life back in some order after a loss, such as a divorce or the death of a spouse. Finally, you may just be dissatisfied with your situation but not know how to make a change.


Increased Investment

By seeking out and hiring a life coach in Milwaukee & Madison, WI, you’re declaring to yourself that you’re looking for help and willing to invest in it. It’s very possible to meet with a friend so you can complain about your life, but actually connecting with a professional who can help you plan for your future is a completely different investment of your dollars and time.

Be aware that coaches are action-oriented. They will spend some time looking at your present situation, but their job is to help you focus on the future you’re planning to build. Additionally, their job is to help you reach for ways to improve your life. Don’t go into these sessions with the hope of getting a pat on the back and a reward, though you certainly deserve them. Your coach is working on your next step forward. Take notes and be ready to document how you’ve acted on their advice.

Working with a coach or a therapist is work for both parties. You will leave your coaching sessions with steps to take, and when next you meet you will need to be willing to report on how you acted on that part of the plan. If you didn’t act, be prepared for a conversation about why not.


New Paths Out of Old Problems

Another thing that coaches are trained to see is new paths out of old problems. If your friendships tend to turn you into a support system for folks who aren’t there for you when things are bad, you’ll likely get a project about looking at how you choose the people you hang out with. The same goes for romantic relationships and family interactions.

You may come out of some life coaching sessions feeling a bit abraded. Part of the power of a life coach is that they will tell you things you don’t want to hear so you can really study the situations you may not want to look at. If you really want a romantic partner who will be a good life partner as well, your coach may point out that your dating choices are not healthy.

Accountability to yourself can be reduced with excuses, but accountability to a professional coach will include a schedule and some rather tough conversations. Before you invest in coaching sessions with a certified life coach, make sure you’re actually looking to build a plan for a better life. A coach isn’t a babysitter, though a good coach will help you understand your inability to act with kindness and humor.

Everybody needs a little help on occasion. Many find that working with a life coach and a therapist at the same time is a terrific way to make the most progress. If you’ve done either process in the past and are feeling a little stuck, consider pairing up these activities for big steps forward.

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