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Could Gaming Get Rid Of The Covid Blues?

Right now we are all going through a common issue across the world and many of us are having to stay at home and adhere to social distancing. Causing us to not be able to see friends and family as much as we might like. It can be hard to overcome this and in some cases, people may have found their mood dipping and feeling emotions of anxiety and depression. However, gaming can actually be a great way to feel better. It can sometimes provide escapism in a time where people might be finding things hard. With that in mind, here are some of the ways gaming can get rid of the covid blues. 


Mobile gaming could be the way forward

Gaming isn’t always about using a console or PC, there are some great ways you can enjoy gaming on your phone. A quick look online could highlight new mobile games for 2021 that you could try. It could be a great way to try something new and find something that you can enjoy at any part of your house or even in your garden. The more you change things up, the better you might feel. 


Having fun on online games

Socializing is out of the question at the moment, although not completely. While you can’t meet up with friends or groups of people right now, you can play games online and talk to your friends and family while enjoying an online game. You could even play with people all over the world and just enjoy having that socialization without the risk of leaving your home. Some people enjoy the online gaming element more so than the actual game. 


Gaming tournaments

Some gaming franchises will organize different tournaments that you can enter. A lot of the time these might be done online. It can be a great way to help you feel more connected with the outside world while having some fun in the process. If you are unsure how to find out about these things, Google can be a great place to search. Tap in your chosen game with the words tournament and see if there are any message boards or websites. You may find that you are introduced to a whole different level of gaming that you haven’t experienced before. 


Playing with friends and family 

We have already mentioned it before, but the big lack of socialization can be very isolating, so playing with friends and family could be a great way to break up an evening or weekend routine. Instead of a zoom quiz, or a facetime call, you could log into the game and talk while playing it. 


Trying new games or different parts of existing games you have

Last of all, many of us will have games that we have purely played the multiplayer and online version of, but most of them also have an actual game with different levels to it as well. For example, the Call of Duty franchise. Many play the online version but forget there are campaigns that you can try and this could just help you enjoy something in a different way. 

Let’s hope these helps you to get over the covid blues.

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