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Types Of Italian Cakes You Can Prepare On Christmas

There is no denying the fact that Italian food is well known all over the world. Leaving pizza and pasta aside, Italy is also famous for numerous desserts and cakes. The fun fact is every cake has its history, facts, or a holiday connected with it. You can bake the Italian Christmas cake at your home or get it from the nearest store.

Now let us dive into the concept of Italian cakes. There are so many of them available in the market. You can get hold of them quickly. In addition to this, some providers offer Italian cakes online. Speak to them and get the cake delivered right at your doorstep.

Now when we talk about Italian cakes, there are so many of them available. Before you buy the first one you come across, it is essential to know the different types of cakes available in the market. This way, you will not only be aware of the kind of cakes available, but you will also get to taste the new flavor. Hence, in this piece, we have mentioned different types of cakes available in the market. Take a look!


Babba or Baba

This Italian cake is very famous in Naples. You will see this cake in the shape of a mushroom. Every pastry shop will have this cake stored in their setting. Those of you who don’t know about this cake, it is prepared by professionals who have enough experience in the baking industry. They soak it in rum to get a sponge texture. You can have this cake during your breakfast. If you want to have something sweet after dinner, this cake should be considered. This cake is loved so much that people in Naples use a common phrase to describe it, which is “si nu babba,” meaning “you are delicious.”


Cassata Alla Siciliana

This cake is known to be one of the first cheesecakes all over the world. To all of you who are new to this cake, let us tell you that the word cassata is derived from the Latin phrase caseus meaning cheese. In addition to this, some people say that the name has come out from an Arabic word “qasah” meaning a terracotta bowl in which the cake is given a specific shape. The cake is made from fresh sheep milk. However, if you do not get sheep milk, you can use cow milk too. The cake is easily found in Sicily. One primary reason why you should eat this cake is that it is light and can be digested easily.


Il Pandoro Veronese

The word pandoro comes from the word “pan d’oro, meaning golden bread. This was the bread that was always kept for the rich section of the society. It was prepared from honey, butter, and eggs. The best part about the cake is it symbolizes Christmas. It is shaped like a mountain top with snow white sugar. Professionals say that it is not easy to prepare this cake and hence most of them prefer to purchase it from the local bakery.



The word panettone means a big loaf. Somewhat like pandoro, this one is a tall cake which is prepared from the yeast. It is the yeast that raises the dough. The cake is purchased and made by a lot of people during Christmas. Bakers say that it is not that easy to prepare the cake. It is famous in Milan.


Millefoglie or Mille-Feuille Napoleon

The meaning of this cake simply means a thousand leaves. Professionals say that the cake is also known as napoleon because it became famous during the emperor napoleon reign. This cake is a suitable one for birthday nights.


The Final Word

These are some of the Italian cakes which are available in the market and can also be prepared. No matter if you want to buy pandoro cake or something else, you can always get hold of them from your local bakery or online. To know more about the cakes, you can always speak to the professionals at the bakery.

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