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Nathan Runs His Freakin’ Mouth Special: Jacksonville State’s Stupid Concert In A Pandemic

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Hello everyone, again, this will be a special edition of Nathan Runs His Freaking Mouth.  I can’t believe I am having to do stuff like this because we got stupidity happening here in Alabama on this Friday when I’m recording this podcast.

A University here in East Alabama is in the spotlight over hosting a concert in the middle of a severe pandemic.  Jacksonville State University thought this is the best idea ever to do a concert in the middle of a severe COVID pandemic.  And yes, somebody needs to be fired over this decision like this because this is the stupidest thing you could do in a pandemic.

Yeah, I know you need to raise money for your athletic department but there’s other ways this could be done other than holding a concert.  Now the folks at JSU are claiming that the concert will be socially distanced and they will separate everybody.  And that masks will be required for everybody and they must wear them the whole time.

Let’s be honest, is that really going to happen with this concert?  I know many people will only wear masks to get inside the stadium, then when they get to their seats, they will take off their masks, I guarantee that.  And I doubt there will be officials or police that go around and tell people to put their masks back on.

A socially distanced concert is a stupid idea in a pandemic, and the folks from JSU should know this!  Now, the concert is hosting Riley Green who graduated from JSU and has been doing benefit concerts for the past few years to raise money for the university.  I mean, yes it’s a good thing to raise money for your athletic department.  But, we are in a severe pandemic and the numbers are getting ugly.

Who in their bright mind thought it was okay to have a concert, even a socially distanced concert during a major pandemic?  The numbers are only getting worse every day and have you seen the case count lately?  I mean, having a darn concert at a time of a severe pandemic is crazy!  I thought universities are beacons of critical thinking, thinking smart, being smart, you know good lifelong skills.

I also thought universities are not dubbing down people, not being stupid, not being idiots, and holding a concert in the middle of a freaking pandemic that is getting worse day by day.  Whoever thought it was a smart thing to hold a concert in an pandemic should be fired in my opinion.  There are other ways you can raise money for your athletic department.

You can hold a virtual concert, I mean a virtual concert is a great option in an pandemic!  Holding a concert in an severe pandemic is like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.  You know the scarecrow is wanting a brain.  And it seems like someone from JSU had their brain escape from them and they got dumb over this concert decision.  Someone did not think critically about the consequences of holding a concert in a pandemic, and this horrible decision could cost lives.

As I am writing this post and recording my podcast, you know what is going to happen at this concert.  People will walk in wearing a mask, get to their seats, and take their mask off.  And during the concert, people will scream and talk loudly.  We all know by now that COVID-19 spreads very easily around people when they sing, scream or talk loudly.  Singing and talking loudly spreads COVID around very easily.  And even those wearing a mask are at risk of catching it.  Masks are very good at preventing COVID but are not 100% in stopping COVID.

Tonight, I hope we don’t see a major outbreak of COVID starting in Jacksonville because of stupid people.  I hope it does not overwhelm our hospitals.  I hope people won’t spread COVID around when they visit a restaurant or business before or after this dumb concert.  And I know the folks from the Calhoun County EMA must be very concerned about what might happen tonight because of wreckless people from Jacksonville State University.

Right now, Calhoun and Etowah counties are experiencing some of the worst COVID numbers and deaths here in Alabama.  Instead of holding an irresponsible concert, we should instead be telling people to wear a freakin’ mask, stay away from large crowds, socially distance, and you know the drill by now.  What’s going to happen at this concert is people will take off their masks, gather in large groups, scream out loud, and this will cause people to catch COVID and get sick.

Some who catch COVID are going to end up in the hospital, and maybe on a ventilator.  And sadly some will die from this while others could suffer life-long health problems from this virus that effects their brain, heart, lungs, and other organs.  JSU, I thought you were smart in this, I thought you had critical thinking skills.  I thought you had intelligence in your brain to know doing a concert in a pandemic is one the worst things you could do. You should have told Riley Green and everyone else performing in this concert sorry we can’t do a concert this year.  Instead, we could do a virtual concert or other ways to raise money for your athletic department.

Sorry, there’s no such thing as a socially distanced concert.  This is likely going to be a disaster for Jacksonville State’s reputation and JSU could go down the drain greatly after tonight probably because people are going to get sick from this concert.  People are going to catch COVID tonight, and some will end up in the hospital on a ventilator tube down her throat and some might die.

I hope it was worth going to a concert and maybe losing your life and having permanent health issues.  And to sum things up, this is a dangerous, reckless, stupid, and dumb thing Jacksonville State University is doing with this concert.

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