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Ways To Improve Network Redundancy

While commonly viewed as an inefficiency, redundancy is not all bad. To create a network that is as strong and reliable as possible, redundancy is essential. Network redundancy refers to a duplicate infrastructure where additional instances of network devices and lines of communication are installed. As a result, network availability is improved, while single points of failure reduce significantly. Here are some effective ways to improve network redundancy in your network.

Ring Topology

One of the many ways to increase the redundancy of your network is by relying on a redundant ring topology. A ring topology is a type of network configuration in which you create a circular data path. Every networked device is connected to two other devices on each of its sides.

The ring topology of your network can help increase its redundancy depending on which one you choose. Counter-rotating rings and collapsed rings are two examples of redundant ring topologies. Counter-rotating rings are often included in ring networks to serve as a backup ring that will immediately activate in case a network switch fails. Collapsed rings, on the other hand, will link every other device to each other so that data can continue to be transported in case a network node goes down.

Implement Standby Routers and Switches

One of the most common ways to achieve network redundancy is through implementing standby routers and switches. While switches and routers are generally highly reliable, failures and malfunctions do occur. In such a case, standby devices will help create alternate network paths to facilitate communication when the primary path is unavailable. This contributes to minimal downtime.

Enlist Multiple Service Providers

Another way to improve network redundancy is by purchasing connectivity from two different service providers. As remote network use becomes increasingly critical, WAN reliability is vital to the success of many organizations.

To prevent failure along the link to the network provider and to safeguard a network against a potential failure in a provider’s network, you should acquire connections to multiple different network providers. While doing so increases expenses, it can prevent disruptions that could ultimately lead to enterprise failure.

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