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How Homes Will Change Because Of The Coronavirus

Homes have transformed from places we eat dinner and rest to places we work, learn and grow over the last several months. As more of us transition to remote working and schooling, there’s no doubt that how homes are designed will need to change as well. But what exactly is most likely to change, and where do homeowners priorities lie? The team at Hippo insurance took a deep dive into the smart home and design industry to answer these questions.

Because of the pandemic, homes of the future will likely look a lot different. In home design, you can expect each room to be catered to the family’s needs. Styles that were popular in years past, such as open floor concepts and minimal outdoor spaces, won’t cut it. Post-pandemic homes will be more segmented, to give each family member quiet spaces to work, learn and relax. There will likely be a bigger focus on front and back porch spaces, as homeowners look to get outdoors and socialize from a safe distance.

Homes will also likely become smarter because of this pandemic, working to reduce virus transmission and keep necessities on hand. Smart home devices that prioritize family health and make our lives easier are in high demand, such as smart humidifiers that help to kill off viruses within homes. Other devices such as contactless appliances, motion-sensored lights and robot vacuum cleaners will assist homeowners in keeping their homes clean (a major goal for many homeowners mid-pandemic).

Another important issue for homeowners is safety. While they are spending more time at home than ever, that doesn’t mean the risk of danger has completely disappeared. As deliveries climb, so do reports of package theft, and devices like smart doorbells and security cameras can help put a stop to porch pirates. Indoor cameras and alarm systems can also help deter any potential thieves.

Take a closer look at how homes are predicted to change to reflect our new lifestyles with the infographic below. And if you’re interested in total home wellness, Hippo’s blog has plenty of other information on how to keep the most important things safe.

How COVID-19 is changing future homes infographic

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