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How To Get The Most Out Of Hunting Feral Hogs

Hogs are infiltrating the upper part of the country, but the South is where the hunting is rooted in tradition and elevated to an art form. Don’t just sit there and listen to Uncle Cooter’s boring boar stories. Learn how to get the most out of hunting feral hogs, and create your own legend.

How To Get the Most Out of Hunting Feral Hogs

Reap the Benefits

There are so many reasons to hunt hogs. In short: it’s a rush. Hogs are one of the few animals you can hunt in groups, and you may get lucky by killing up to four at once. And the meat is better than any mounted head—nutritious, delicious, and hearty. If you dress and cook it properly, you’ll be dining on the other white meat for a very long time.

Let Go of Misgivings

The feral hog population in the United States is estimated to be in the millions, and we’d need to eradicate about 70 percent of the population just to prevent further growth. Hogs can financially devastate farmers and ranchers by trampling fields, dozing fences, and ruining crops. So hunt away. America thanks you.

Mix It Up

You can hunt feral hogs in so many different ways, with all kinds of weapons. Try various rifles and calibers, enlist the dog, or pick up a bow. Take up sentry at a deer blind, or embrace the chase from the back of a pickup, on an ATV, or from a high rack or top-drive vehicle. If you’ve got the cash, you owe it to yourself to hunt hogs by helicopter. It may be expensive, but it’s the ultimate thrill.

Know the Enemy

A wild pig’s sense of smell is so sharp that they can sense some odors from up to seven miles away and 25 feet underground. As such, you should wear anti-scent clothing and instead focus on hogs’ weaknesses. They do not have good vision, and while they have a good sense of hearing, they drown it out when they’re eating with vigorous snorting.

Call Them Out

You can add another dimension to the hunt by using predator calls to lure hogs. Once you’re downwind and at a very generous distance, grunt in short bursts. Rabbit squeals and crow caws work, too. If you don’t mind playing a little dirty, a recording of piglets in distress will prey on sows’ maternal instincts.

Stay Out Late

Feral hogs have adapted to hunters by becoming nocturnal. Ha! That won’t fool us. You can hunt hogs at night with green lights, which they can’t see. The wee hours can be the best time to nab them because that’s when they’re distracted by feeding.

Be Careful Out There

You may hunt all kinds of animals, but they do not all charge at you. For starters, check the regulations for your state. Buddy up with someone experienced, and beware of hogs who feel that their piglets are in danger. Once you’ve experienced how to get the most out of hunting feral hogs, you’ll want to live to hunt another day.

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