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Foodie Saturdays: You Can Now Know If The McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Is Broken

Tired of going to a McDonald’s and being told that the ice cream machine is broken?  Now, someone created a website that will tell you if your local McDonald’s ice cream machine is working or not.  A 24-year-old software engineer launched McBroken.  The website displays a map of every McDonald’s location in the US, denoted by clusters of dots.  Locations with a working ice-cream machine get a green dot; locations without one, a red dot.

When you go to the website, it should pull up your local area and show if your local McDonald’s is offering ice cream or not.  In my local area, the locations here in East Alabama all have working ice cream machines as of this post writing!

Want to know if McDonald’s can offer you a McFlurry or a ice cream cone?  Just go to:

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