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Cannabis Marketing: How To Research & Analyze Your Audience For A Lucrative SEO Strategy

With modern technologies, new ways of marketing have introduced themselves. People worldwide have started to adhere to various strategies to market their products and brand now. However, when it comes to cannabis marketing, the scope of marketing is a bit marginalized. With cannabis, it is not about numbers but the ways you can reach out to people or target performance indicators like keyword ranking, time spent on the website, and website traffic. You need to understand your target audience while initiating cannabis marketing and SEO. Through analytical information, you can craft a strategy and begin a campaign for blog marketing.


Focusing and directing the cannabis SEO strategy around the targeted audience allows you to drive and attract highly-qualified customers to your brand’s website. This, in turn, leads to a more significant conversion rate coupled with greater revenues and sales. Moreover, there are several other factors, along with adding high DA backlinks. So, how do you analyze and research your audience for an effective SEO strategy?


1.  Identify impressions on your website.

Most of the time, cannabis companies do not set up their Google Analytics correctly. Not only does such a step allow you to identify the number of impressions but also updates on their demographics. Enabling the analytics makes it easier for hemp, CBD, and cannabis industrial websites to take note of interests and demographics reports.

For any business, getting the analytical data post-website launch is not less than pivotal. Since it enables the data collection with location, age, and online interests, crafting an SEO strategy for your cannabis product becomes more effortless. Such a process lets you develop a custom SEO strategy that would cater to an enhanced audience.

Note: Your content marketing strategy requires essential insights on who is visiting the website more than often. Google Analytics keeps adding these useful pieces of information for you to broaden your bandwidth when it comes to a lucrative SEO strategy. Furthermore, this type of data saves a lot of time and marketing costs, since you know whom to target. It eliminates low performing demographics and lets you focus on regions that are performing extensively.


2.  Utilize cannabis keyword research for observing demographics data.

Since Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms do not allow paid advertisements for cannabis-driven companies, it becomes quite challenging to craft lucrative strategies. However, keyword research for websites accommodating cannabis products is an effective and essential strategy. Your objective should be to research long-tail, short-tail, and semantically related phrases relevant to your business’s niche. Once you can acquire twenty-five to forty highly targeted search phrases, cut it short to top-5. This would allow the top keywords to represent your cannabis brand.


You can check out a free tool, Google Trends, to obtain audience demographics data by utilizing cannabis keyword research. The tool tends to provide demographic data based on phrase research, which is tied to a specific location and how it has trended over a period.

Note: If you have an online store or a retail cannabis location, the implementation of local link opportunities and local SEO will be vital. By utilizing the gender and age data, you can optimize content strategies for social media platforms and blogs.


3.  Effective social insights from social media channels.

If you are not aware, social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the most effective ways to obtain information and vital insight into specific audience segments. A Facebook business page provides demographic information on followers and their interaction with your page. You can also use a tool, Followerwonk, to view and collect data from your direct competitors in the cannabis industry.

Note: Using Followerwonk’s word cloud tool will help your cannabis business identify an entire list of keywords that you might have missed while crafting research phrases.

4.  Acknowledge your target market’s questions.

One of the crucial factors in determining a successful SEO strategy is acknowledging the frequently asked questions by people on the net. Since these questions are related to cannabis, hemp, CBD, and other compounds, you can handpick a few and mention them on your website. This not only makes the entire process easier for a visitor but also provides an insightful tip on the subject. You can pick benefits, useful strains, and then publish them under an SEO optimized plan. Remember, a potential visitor or customer looks for answers and solutions from a specific brand, be it content or product-based.


Final Thoughts

Since cannabis marketing is a bit challenging, there are several other diverse options you can work through to market your cannabis website. Ensure that you create user, SEO-optimized, and high-quality content with subjects that answer common questions. This would attract long-tail searches from the target audience specified by you. Moreover, an aggressive research and analysis process will further grow your audience under a lucrative SEO strategy.

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