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Sunday Discussion: Getting Attacked For Slamming Big Crowds At College Football Games

Over the weekend, I continued to notice stupid people ignoring basic safety measures in an major pandemic at football games.  Some stadiums continue to do things right, crowds allowed but separated and people wearing a mask.  But, other stadiums said, hell with an pandemic, who cares who gets sick!  I screenshotted a photo from a game at Texas A&M of the upper decks being packed full, which was stupid!

It did not take long to be attacked by stupid right-wing idiots on social media.  Some pointed out my weight, which happens often sadly.


Some said I was a racist.

One idiot sent my tweet to Clay Travis, who needs to be taken off the air.

Other sent me some terrible and disturbing memes.

Some sent me false information about COVID-19 rates.

And here are some other horrible responses.  I was cussed out, compared to BLM and protests, and many other terrible things.

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