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Top Benefits Of A Cooler With Built-In Speakers

Coolers with speakers are taking over the conventional coolers in this present world. With great innovations, a modern cooler can now serve the purpose of chilling and entertainment, yet portable and convenient. This gadget can produce quality sound, but the question remains if it can be used for outdoor parties.

Although this has been a worrying thought for many, the good news is that it can also be a handy entertainment tool for outdoor parties. An average cooler with a speaker is loud enough for a gathering of about a hundred people. Below, we will briefly discuss the best speaker coolers you can go for if you decide to buy one.


Top 6 Coolers with Speakers


Recoil Audio Cooler

This audio cooler is a durable one that combines high quality sounds with a lot of storage space, which can contain up to 48 drinks together with ice blocks for chilling. Apart from its chilling and entertainment features, it also highlights other numerous features.

These features include a waterproof box and sturdy wheels that can withstand any terrain. It also has a built-in battery that can also be used for recharging (via its two USB port connections), and it can also serve as a seat because of its durability and ruggedness.


  • It is loud, with average bass.


  • It is relatively expensive.


Bellino Bluetooth Cooler

Considering the price at which this speaker cooler comes with, we can say that it is equipped with more than enough features. This speaker cooler is built with polyester material, which makes it feels soft at hand and also durable. It features a storage chamber that can contain about 24 cans when stocked with ice that makes them chill. It is also capable of keeping your drinks cold for up to 12 hours as long as you’ve got cold weather.

The speaker can be powered with four AA-sized batteries and is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. The wrong side to the speaker is that it doesn’t produce any bass sound, so you may not be satisfied with its sound production.


  • It is relatively cheap


  • It produces no bass from its speakers.


Tunes2go Portable Speaker Cooler

This speaker cooler is equipped with two speakers and two tweeters and which, of course, produces a balanced and outstanding and high-quality sound production. Other features include an SD card slot and a microphone port, Bluetooth connectivity, and a long-lasting battery that can also be used to charge up your devices.

It can be powered through two power source; the rechargeable battery, and through electrical means. It is also equipped with remote control for easy accessibility.


  • It keeps your drinks chilled for a long time.
  • It is also equipped with the radio function.


  • Radio has poor reception


Brekx Party Cooler

One of the things this speaker cooler boasts of is its ample space capacity. This gadget, made of steel for durability, can store up to 40 cans with ice in its compartment. It is also equipped with two speakers, which are powered by an amplifier for optimum production. It is powered by four AA-sized batteries and can last for about 35 hours.


  • Durable
  • It can keep your drinks chilled for up to two days


  • This speaker is not suitable for large gatherings


Coolest Cooler Speaker Cooler

This product is much loved among people as it is equipped with speakers that produce high-quality sound. It also has a storing capacity of about 40 drinks together with ice. It is also equipped with a crushing device, which crushes the ice and makes it easier to drink. Other features include an excellent battery with average battery life and a USB port.


  • It is packaged with other utensils


  • It is relatively expensive


Arctic Zone Speaker Cooler

This speaker cooler can store about 24 bottles of drinks and produces a high-quality sound from its Bluetooth compatible speakers. It is a portable speaker equipped with a battery that can last up to four hours of music playtime. It also uses a rechargeable battery.


  • High-quality sound production


  • Average battery life.


Factors to Consider Before Buying A Cooler with Built-In Speaker

Buying a cooler speaker is more than just buying something that offers you entertainment. While you enjoy your food and drinks, there are other factors you need to consider so you can get the right product for yourself, and we’ll discuss some of these factors below.



You wouldn’t want a cooler speaker with a battery that wouldn’t last, so we recommend that you opt for speakers with a rechargeable battery that can last for an average of 12 hours and can easily be recharged amid breaks.


Sound Output

An ideal cooler speaker should produce flawless and accurate sound production. You should go through the reviews and see what people have been saying about the speaker you intend to buy before buying them



Naturally, a smaller speaker sound production won’t cover as wide as a large cooler speaker. Nonetheless, you should also consider your available space. It is not ideal if your cooler speakers take the majority of the space in your room. So, if you have a small room, you should go for smaller speakers, else it hinders your movement in the room.

Some other factors that need to be considered also are the price range, the material used, its versatility, and to check if it is waterproof.


Final Words

Speaker coolers pose a lot of advantages as well as a few disadvantages. An example is the fact that it is portable, has the functional chilling capacity, and entertains while you enjoy the party all night long. But the fact that these speakers cooler quickly run out of batteries, and some are a bit expensive is the reason why you’ll have a second thought before buying them.

However, if you can get a good place to recharge these batteries as soon as possible, you can fill your cooler up with drinks, connect your smartphone, play music, and have some relaxed and friendly chat, then you can enjoy an amazing night.

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