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How To Live A Positive Life During A Pandemic

Forbes has reported that less than 15% of US adults are happy amidst the pandemic. Happiness is priceless, and once you lose it, you may lose yourself as well. The world is currently going through a series of trials and tribulations carefully masterminded by an invisible enemy known as Covid-19. But after a storm comes the calm. So, it is still an excellent time to live a 100% positive life while hoping that things will get back to normal soon. Here are some ways to do that.


  • Appreciate your uniqueness

Even though identical twins may be similar in so many ways, they are not and can never be entirely the same. Everyone is one in a million. So, be your own hero, and never allow anyone to mess with your feelings. Don’t compare yourself to anyone because you don’t share the same values, strengths, and weaknesses with anybody. Live in your own world of realities, and don’t allow outside forces to blindfold you from appreciating your uniqueness. Although from a distance you may see the grass at the other side of the road to be greener, you have to know that it could be a mirage. And moreover, you can also build an evergreen garden on your own if you put in the work. A lot of the time people inject sadness into their own lives because they are so much focused on other people’s affairs, and not that of their own. Consider lowering the expectations you have for people; they can disappoint you at a critical hour.


  • Focus on the things that matter

One thing is for sure — life is a mixture of positive and negative situations. The good news is that you have the power to choose what matters to them. Negative emotions can deplete your energy and rob you of concentration on crucial matters. On the other hand, positive emotions fuel you to do things that are important for your growth. One reason why you may feel as if your life isn’t going as planned is that you may be focusing on non-essential stuff. So try to re-look at your history and to recollect some things that you did that probably weren’t necessary. After that, promise yourself not to repeat the same mistakes on using up your useful energy on extra things. Also, try not to let your happiness depend on social media. Although good comments may come your way once in a while, it won’t always be so positive. Try your best to avoid having unnecessary conversations, and instead, prioritize your personal development, such as starting a business or condo projects.  


  • Don’t worry about the future

As the saying goes, “the best way to predict the future is to create it” Success happens when opportunities meet adequate preparation. If you are not doing any productive thing today, you probably shouldn’t expect a great outcome. Many people worry about the future because they are not doing anything today. 


  • Learn how to say no

Some people fear to say no to others because they feel that they don’t want to let them down. Well, you owe yourself some happiness. So, have the courage to say no to people, including your friends, if they are suggesting something to you that doesn’t fit with your values. According to some happy geeks, the moment you say yes to one idea, you’ve said no to something else, and that thing can be a thorn in your flesh. So, strive to be someone who sticks to your words and try not to let peer pressure influence your every decision. At the same time, try to be open-minded and learn from new experiences.


  • Value your skin & beauty

Since no one is born perfect from head to toe, you may want to spend time admiring your skin, and being thankful to nature for the gift of life. Attach value to your make-up, and never stop being yourself, no matter the situation. You will have to be proud of your skin. Otherwise, there is no reason to believe that other people will also acknowledge your beauty. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this. So, they spend so much time worrying about things that do not matter and cannot be changed. The relationship that exists between you and your real self can determine your outlook. So, make peace with your skin, and stay away from people who make you feel bad about your skin beauty. After all, no one can define your beauty, except you.


  • Rule your mindset

Nerds are their own bosses, and for the most part, your actions and reactions share a close connection with your habits. So, take control of your life, and rule your mindset. Great thinkers have dominion over their thoughts and actions. Your conscious mind is controllable, and that means if you can take charge of your mindset, you can also change your outlook on life from bad to good. 

There are situations whereby your mindset makes the difference between your failure and how many of your goals you achieve. For example, as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, an entrepreneur can conclude that their industry or business has collapsed because customers no longer patronize their products and services. A smart entrepreneur, on the other hand, who is a real geek, may also think otherwise. 

They can come up with various ways to adapt their operations to suit the new standards the pandemic comes with and turn their business around or how to start a new one altogether. These two different mindsets of the entrepreneurs can determine whose business survives or fails during the crisis. Wise people see opportunities in every adversity. So, consider changing your mindset from negative to positive, and you’re more likely to win the battle against uncertainties.

To wrap things up, life is all about self-expression. Whether you choose to stay positive or negative, it all boils down to your mind. Tune your mind in a positive direction, and you’ll be happy, even during this pandemic. 

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