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Read My Letter I Wrote To My Representatives In Congress Supporting The United States Postal Service

Today is a big day across America.  Today, people are being urged to write to their representatives in Congress to support the United States Postal Service.  As you know, President Trump is attacking the USPS with outrageous demands.  And the USPS could also go bankrupt, which would be a disaster in this country.  Below, read what I wrote to my representatives in Congress!

Dear Congressman: (Senator Doug Jones, Senator Richard Shelby, Representative Mike Rogers)

I am writing to you today to please consider saving the United States Postal Service (USPS) from potential new polices being considered by the President Donald Trump administration that would ruin one of America’s greatest government institutions.  The USPS delivers mail and packages to Americans all across our great country every day.  People in hard to reach rural areas depend on the USPS to get important mail and packages that can include medications, money, and other important things they depend on.

President Donald Trump is going after the USPS because he has distrust for Amazon.  I used to work for Fed Ex and daily we delivered small packages to post offices to let them handle the final mile delivery.  If President Trump got his way and let the USPS go bankrupt, Fed Ex, UPS, and other private delivery services would not be able to deliver packages to every home, it’s practically impossible.  The private delivery companies do not have the infrastructure in place to do this like the USPS does.

President Trump is also going after the USPS because he hates how certain states allow their citizens to vote by mail.  In our current Coronavirus pandemic, many people are afraid to show up to vote or go to any public place.  In fact, after citizens in Wisconsin were forced to go vote thanks to our US Supreme Court, people got infected and ended up sick.  Voting by mail is one of the safest ways for people to vote and it is secure.  In fact, more people would probably vote if they had the option to vote by mail.

Now yes, the USPS could make a few changes.  Why does mail need to be delivered on Saturdays anymore?  And the price of a first-class stamp could go up a little bit. I would also like to see our local post offices offer new services, like banking for example.  This would be a wonderful way for our poor people to utilize services to allow for a bank account, cash checks without outrageous fees, pay bills without high fees, and avoid horrible services like payday lenders that prey on the poor.

The biggest issue plaguing the USPS is our Congress passed a law (2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act) that requires the USPS to fund pre-fund health benefits for future retirees.  The bill mandated the USPS fund its likely pension and retiree health benefit obligations beyond 2056—a burden not placed on private companies.  This must be changed for the good of the postal service!

To summarize, I hope the United States Postal Service can be saved for our future generations.  Congress back in the 1700’s approved Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution, known as the Postal Clause or the Postal Power, which empowers Congress “To establish Post Offices and Post Roads.”

Our postal service and their workers deserve the upmost respect for the job they are doing during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  They employ veterans, they make sure everyone gets the mail delivered in a safe and honest way, and people all across America celebrates the job the United States Postal Service does every day.  Let’s make sure our postal service is around for generations to come!


Nathan Young

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