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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Let The Gods Dance

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This doc series is set primarily in and around the villages and towns in the central Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is a state in Northern India, also known as “The Land of the Gods” for its many Hindu pilgrimage destinations.

Within Uttarakhand there are two regions: Kumaon and Garhwal. This series takes a closer look at the history, culture, and politics surrounding the lives of the musicians who live and perform in Garhwal — we’ll take a look even more specifically at the hereditary drummers who play as pairs or duos on drums called the dhol and the damaun.

The title, Let The Gods Dance, gets its name from the specific role of lower-caste hereditary Garhwali drummers and the rhythms they perform. Musicians who are born to Bajgi (or lower-caste artisan) families are often considered “polluted” and must face practices of prejudice and discrimination in daily life. Lower-caste hereditary artisans and musicians must live in segregated parts of their villages, drink from separate water sources, and eat foods separate from their higher-caste neighbors and patrons.

Paradoxically, it is also the drumming families that are also responsible for playing the most vital and auspicious rhythms at crucial ceremonies such as births, weddings, funerals, and many other annual celebrations and rituals.

By playing these auspicious rhythms using the Dhol (a barrel drum) and Damaun (a kettle drum) the drummers become “the telephone of the gods” invoking local deities and devtas to express themselves in human form — which is most often seen in the practice of movement and dance.

As of April 13th, this project has raised $6,500 of their $18,700 goal. This project has 17 days left to raise the $18,700 goal or it will not be funded. For a pledge of $10, you will get a shout-out.  For a pledge of $25, you will get a digital download.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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