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The Dumping Ground Of Anniston, Alabama Will Soon Be Welcoming Coronavirus Patients

UPDATE: Looks like this plan is officially dead!  It’s a big relief!

The city of Anniston, Alabama.  It has had a deep history of pollution.  For decades parts of Anniston were polluted by incredible amounts of PCB’s that still effects residents today.  Even the CBS program 60 Minutes labeled Anniston “The Most Polluted City in America.”

If PCB pollution was not enough, decades of stored chemical weapons were incinerated nearby.  Residents here had to have special radios, tarps, and even duct tape to seal them in their homes if there was ever a leak.  Also, many former soldiers of the former Fort McClellan were exposed to chemical and biological weapons training.

And now, let’s just keep the “Dumping Ground” slogan going shall we?  FEMA and the CDP (Center for Domestic Preparedness) announced on Saturday that patients from the Diamond Princess cruise ship who currently have the Coronavirus will be flown and housed in Anniston and quarantined at the FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness.  The crazy thing, this plan was unknown to local city and county officials until midday Saturday, and the public never knew until local TV stations began to post stories about this on social media.

Obviously, just about everyone on social media began to come out against this plan.  And over the past few weeks, with the Anniston de-annex meetings, and the homeless shelter controversy, this is another major black eye for Anniston that it does not need.  Seeing social media posts like these below should make city officials very nervous.

City and county officials are now looking into what they can do to stop this.  Most likely you will see a court injunction filed ASAP to stop this.  You have to realize, those with the Coronavirus here on United States soil have been quarantined on secure military bases that are off limits to the public.  Here in Anniston, most of the former Fort McClellan property is no longer military controlled and is open to the public.  There is a school, day care center, several businesses, and even the Calhoun County Highway Department, where I work at, only a few blocks away from where those with the Coronavirus would be housed.

And there is no possible way the local hospitals here in Anniston would be ever prepared to deal with a Coronavirus outbreak.  What if a patient escapes?  What if a healthcare worker who is helping these patients gets sick out in the community?  What if someone comes into contact with one of the Coronavirus patients?  There are a TON of possibilities that could cause a massive problem here in Anniston.

For this reason, I am NOT IN SUPPORT of bringing people with the Coronavirus here to Anniston.  They need to stay in quarantine on our US Military bases as they are now.  They are secure, they are off limits to the public, and the general public is far away from those who are sick.  This is a stupid and foolish plan that can cause people living here in Anniston like myself to become very ill.

Anniston has had a horrible reputation of being a polluted city and the “dumping ground” of America.  Let’s not add a major virus outbreak to the list that Anniston wishes it was never on.  If you want to watch the press conference held in Anniston, watch below.

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  1. Think beyond Fort McClellan to places like Jacksonville State where there is a sizeable student population.