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Animation Monday: The Owl House Full Episode

Wow!  The first episode of the new Disney Channel show The Owl House looks amazing!  In the first episode, you meet 14-year-old outcast Luz. who loves fantasy.  Yep, she is a hardcore geek like you and me who has trouble fitting in at school.

Luz accidentally discovers a portal to another dimension, and this world is very magical with a bunch of magical creatures, in other words, something Luz would go nuts for, but she gets scared upon entering this world and seeing all the creatures.

Luz meets Eda the witch, and a demon named King.  And I love the lesson here where you don’t have to give up your unique abilities and what you like to do.  Weirdos and outcast people are definitely cool!

So what happens with Luz after meeting Eda and King?  And will Luz be forced to go to that reality check summer camp, where you have to think inside the box, no thank you.  Enjoy the first episode of The Owl House below!

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