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The Best Visual Novel Games With Interactive Stories

Stories are told by their authors. From start to finish, the writer or narrator directs your attention, guides you through the fable, and generally has full control of your experience. The characters have predetermined fate and have no way of escaping it. It’s either a happily-ever-after or total destruction. You cannot help them, no matter how wrong their decisions are. At least this is true of traditional stories. But does it really have to be so? Can’t you make just one decision for your favorite protagonist?

Pick a good storyline so that things won’t get boring

Interactive stories offer you an opportunity to take control of the situation and really make a difference. These games are sometimes presented in the form of the visual novel while, in other instances, are text-based. When choosing among the best interactive stories, you should always make sure to go for ones with the strongest narrative. A game without a good plot, be it for Android or iOS, is doomed to failure. Everyone has a preference. Mine is for historic tales and high fantasy while my best friend will always go for the darkest sci-fi he can find. With storyline games, you better pick your genre wisely, otherwise, you’ll end up wandering a world you don’t like.

Go through many chapters & don’t let the game end early

There’s nothing in the world of interactive stories that annoys me more than a game-ending early. Ten chapters are not enough for me. I need more. They are a part of my bedtime ritual and, sometimes, I can’t fall asleep that quickly. This is the reason I always make an effort to look for pretty lengthy interactive games. The longer and more complex the story is, the more immersed I am likely to get. These things can really take on a life of their own and are a really nice distraction during a, particularly uneventful work week.

Give yourself plenty of choices & never run out of options

No matter whether you go for Android or iOS games, at their core will always lie the choice – your choice, the one you are free to make. The more of those you encounter the more twists and turns your characters will have to face. The more peculiar the scenarios, the better, as far as I’m concerned. Give me the odd and the unexpected and I’m happy. Always on the hunt for new titles, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this list. To be honest, it has some pretty good iOS and Android games.

Visual Novel Games with Interactive Stories

Make your choices – go for the most predictable or the most adventurous – and you’ll see how much better these games can be than the average love novel. I wouldn’t go back to a regular paperback if you paid me to.


When going through a novel, sometimes you just wish you could help the protagonist not commit that one stupid mistake. Interactive stories allow you to do this and so much more. If you pick a strong storyline with loads of chapters, you can make as many wonderful and fantastic choices as you wish. The more offbeat, the better, as far as I’m concerned. Ultimately, the decisions are yours to make and they can be as different from mine as possible.

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