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Sunday Discussion: Hiroshima Bombing Story | Tour Around The Atomic Hypocenter

This year is the 74th anniversary of the Hiroshima, Japan Bombing during World War II.  On August 6, 1945, he atomic bomb decimated the city, killing nearly all nearby the blast. Fast forward about 75 years later, and Hiroshima is now a beautiful city, resurrected from the ruins of the post war period. Near the hypocenter is the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park and Museum and across the river, the A-Bomb Dome which sits as it did, destroyed after the bomb in ruins. Only In Japan looks at the area around the hypocenter and see old video footage from 1945 after the bomb.  They’ll also meet a witness who will describe in detail the horror he saw as he volunteered to help in Hiroshima on August 7, 1945, the next day.

This is a great video to learn about a dark past of our world’s history, see it below.

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