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Convention Tuesdays: Atlanta Game Fest 34, Anthro Southeast, HallowCon, Ball At The Wall 2019

Welcome to Convention Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, I will feature and highlight conventions happening during the upcoming weekend in Alabama, or within short driving distances from Alabama.

October 24-27 — Atlanta Game Fest 34 — Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Game Fest is a chance for boardgame fans to gather, socialize, see old friends (as well as make new ones) and really stretch out and get in four full days of fun and games. We get a great group of friendly folks who make getting into a game easy. There will also be an extensive selection of the games folks are most interested in playing now, since they went to the trouble of bringing them for play.

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October 25-27 — Anthro Southeast — Chattanooga, Tennessee

Anthro SouthEast’s goal / mission is to create a safe environment for convention attendees. While ASE’s prime demographic are those of the Anthropomorphic persuasion, ASE welcomes those of other fandoms as well.

Anthro SouthEast 2019: “The Worlds Within” will have a plethora of events including: dance competition, nightly raves, fursuit games, tons of panels and a few surprises! The city of Chattanooga has plenty to offer in addition to ASE’s events, including the Tennessee Aquarium, scenic walking / biking paths, city tours, water tours, and dozens of chain and local only restaurants to choose from.

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October 25-27 — HallowCon — Dalton, Georgia

HallowCon is an annual fantasy/sci-fi/horror convention in Dalton, Georgia, that celebrates Halloween to the fullest. If you have a room at the hotel, you can park your car on Friday and not move again until you leave on Sunday. We put on a good spread in the con suite… not just snacks but meals, especially the Saturday night feast. Check out the full menu on the Con-Suite page. We take a lot of pride in our meals, and we aren’t stingy with the BBQ either.

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October 26 — Ball at the Wall — Nashville, Tennessee

Night gathers and the party begins! Dress in your best cosplay & masquerade mask and prepare to eat, drink, and dance the night away!

Ready for the most magical & mysterious evening of your life? Wear your finest Cosplay or ball gown with appropriate masquerade mask and waltz your way beyond the wall! The Throne has been destroyed, but the fandom lives on in this amazing frozen wonderland. Who are you dancing with really? Will Drogon make an appearance? Declare your house! Prepare to steal hearts and form new alliances in our icy realm!

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