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Animation Monday: Alabama Public Television Censoring The Arthur Gay Marriage Episode

Of course, this is Alabama.  TV stations such as Alabama Public Television and ABC 33/40 have censored certain episodes before.  So this comes as no surprise.  In a episode that aired May 13 on PBS, Arthur and his friends attend their beloved teacher Mr. Ratburn’s nuptials to his partner.  APT ran a re-run in its place, and has no plans to run this episode.

You have to remember, this is Alabama.  Where there are numerous people who are against LGBT people.  Where there are numerous people who are racist, where there are numerous people who are against abortion, and where there are numerous people who say kiss my butt when others make fun of Alabama.  Yeah, we don’t care about our reputation much.

Of course, people have been flooding the APT Facebook page, but nothing will be done here.  Because APT is partly funded by the Alabama government.  If the Alabama Legislature found out that they aired this gay marriage episode, it might be good-bye funding!  So if you have to watch the episode, click here.

And here are videos below featuring clips from this episode.

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