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Convention Tuesdays: Mobile Bay Anime Fest, Georgia Bigfoot Conference, JordanCon 2019

Welcome to Convention Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, I will feature and highlight conventions happening during the upcoming weekend in Alabama, or within short driving distances from Alabama.

April 27 — Mobile Bay Anime Fest — Daphne, Alabama

Mobile Bay Anime Festival is a one day event being held to celebrate anime and manga, as well as general pop culture and animation, while bringing together a diverse list of guests, vendors, artists, and fan groups, in an affordable, family friendly environment.

Guests include Cristina Vee, Mike Mcfarland, and more.  Major events include a cosplay contest.  Learn more at:

April 26-28 — Georgia Bigfoot Conference — Clayton, Georgia

The First Annual Georgia Bigfoot Conference and North Georgia Comicon will be held at the Rabun County Civic Center AND at the Rabun County Library in Clayton, GA. Long the home of many Bigfoot reports, the Conference explores sightings, Bigfoot tracking techniques, and new research in the general area of cryptozoology.

Major guests include Dr. Igor Burtsev, Matt Delph, and more.  Learn more at:

April 26-28 — JordanCon — Atlanta, Georgia

JordanCon is a Science Fiction/Fantasy literature convention founded in honor of Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time. Taking place each April in Atlanta, GA, JordanCon is a tax exempt 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, whose proceeds usually benefit the Mayo Clinic.

Major guests include Dan dos Santos, Brent Weeks, and more.  Major events include a cosplay contest, reading challenge, art show, and more.  Learn more at:

April 27 — Crawl Of Thrones — Atlanta, Georgia

It will be a crawl worthy of a King! On Saturday, April 27th, 2019 choose your house and join your fellow Lords and Ladies as we traverse multiple pubs in Atlanta for an event like no other.

Major events include a cosplay contest.  Learn more at:

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