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Train Your Brain – The Smarter Way To Spend Your Time Online

If you spend too much time staring into a screen, without much to show for it – it could be quite easy for your mind to lose focus. Experts say that regularly stimulating your brain can help you ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia, keeping you sharp as you get older. Besides, it’s always good to learn something new and get your mind active.

Want to help regain your focus and exercise your brain? Here are some smarter ways to spend your time online.

Learn a language

If you love playing games online, why not use them to help you learn something useful like a new language? Tools like Duolingo help you to learn a language through playing games – ideal for playing during your daily commute, your lunch break or during time you’d normally be wasting reading Reddit threads. Spend time each week learning different vocabulary and learn a new language in no time.


Play some word games

While computer games offer hours of entertainment, they can’t beat a classic word game for helping to train your brain and get you thinking. Scrabble is a great example of a game you can play online, anywhere – although you might need the help of a word finder if you’re a bit rusty! Crosswords and other puzzles are great for engaging your brain and improving your knowledge too.


Get writing

Writing offers many benefits, so instead of simply reading online, why not write online as well? Writing is a good way to process your thoughts, share your ideas as well as help you get creative – even if nobody else sees it! Writing can be therapeutic, and can lead to many places if you decide to start a blog. Write about the things you care about and anything that comes to mind – you’ll improve your writing, your decision-making and you’ll become more focused. Not bad for something that’s free and can be done anywhere!


Take an interest in important issues

It’s easy to become disinterested in politics, in fact, many of us are turned off by it. However stale or tedious things seem, it’s still important to take an interest in the issues that matter. Subjects like the environment, finance and health are all things that can affect you on a daily basis, so why not take an interest in them? You don’t need to become a political expert to take an interest, but spending some time catching up on current events will make you more well-rounded and keep you informed about the world around you.

Finding ways to engage your brain is important, but it’s still important to make time for fun and entertainment too. There’s a lot you can do with your time online, so finding that balance is important. Finding activities that interest you and you enjoy that will enrich your mind can keep it sharp and engaged – isn’t that worth some of your time? Make a plan to spend some of your time each day training your brain – you won’t regret it!

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