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Here Are Four Tips To Consider When You Are Hiring A Mover

Getting ready to move can be one major hassle.  From looking for a new place to live, transferring to a new job, moving your kids to a new school, opening and closing accounts for your utilities, and even finding people who can help you move your stuff.

Some people will pack and move their stuff by themselves.  Sure, that is an okay option if you don’t have a lot of stuff to move.  But, if you have an entire house of stuff you need to move.  Sometimes it’s better to hire movers that can pack and move your stuff.

Let’s explore some things you need to look for when you consider hiring people to pack and move your stuff.

Are they insured?

Here is a crazy thing, moving companies will often only have basic coverage.  If you are moving, movers should offer something called “released value protection.”  This coverage only covers your belongings up to 60 cents per pound.

Some movers also offer “full-value protection.”  This protection is based on your valuation of the contents being transported.  Also, some movers might also offer liability insurance as well. You need to have peace in mind while someone is moving your stuff.

Are they trustworthy?

Are the movers you might want to hire handle people’s stuff with care, or do they break a lot of things.  A simple internet search can reveal a lot about movers.  The Better Business Bureau can reveal which movers have good grades and which movers you should stay away from.

Also, you can visit sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other ranking sites and read the comments from people who have experienced movers you are considering to hire.  You don’t want to hire movers who have a horrible track record.

Are they tracking your inventory?

People usually move a lot of stuff!  So do the movers you want to hire have a system where they can track your belongings?  Smart movers will take inventory of everything you want to move before they begin.

Movers track your items not only to calculate a moving price, but to also plan on how they will load their moving truck.  It’s like a giant game of Tetris, they want to utilize the most space possible in their moving trucks.

Are they able to move your stuff at anytime and anywhere?

Some movers might be limited on the days and hours they can move one’s belongings.  Other movers might be limited on where they can move one’s belongings.  Smart movers, like Bekins, have a website setup where you can request a free quote.

Movers like Belkins also have a website setup where they can tell you where they can move one’s belongings, and the days and hours they can do it.  Smart movers will also have a FAQ section answering someone’s questions.

Moving can be a very stressful experience.  You are leaving a place where you feel comfortable and moving to a new environment.  But, if you hire the right movers who do the best job with your belongings, it can take one thing off of your list and make you feel more comfortable.

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