Convention Tuesdays: AnachroCon, Decepta Con, Onyxcon, Toy Soldier & Model Show 2019

Welcome to Convention Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, I will feature and highlight conventions happening during the upcoming weekend in Alabama, or within short driving distances from Alabama.
February 15-17 — AnachroCon — Atlanta, Georgia
AnachroCon is the place in the Southern United States for Steampunk, History, Alternate History, Science, Music, Classic Sci-Fi Literature and the most amazing costuming you’ve ever seen!  Major guests include Thomas Dean Willeford, James Neathery, Stephanie Osborn, and more.  Major events include a magic show, concerts, and more.
Learn more at:
February 15-18 — Decepta Con — Atlanta, Georgia
A gaming convention primarily dedicated to social deception/deduction games.  Learn more at:
February 16-17 — Onyxcon — Atlanta, Georgia
elebrating Diversity with a focus on the impact, contributions, and presence of the African Diaspora in realms of imagination!  Major guests include Brian A Prince.  Learn more at:
February 15-17 — Toy Soldier & Model Show — Atlanta, Georgia
Each year the club hosts the AMFS Show that displays figures of a variety of scale spanning the fantasy, sci-fi, horror and historical categories in a showroom for viewing. Pieces range from as small as 15mm – 72mm and can be as large as 1/8 scale. We have categories for vehicles, single figure, dioramas and more.
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