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Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey Fried By The Calhoun County Sheriff Office 2018

This special event has grown over the years with last year seeing people being turned away because of a long line.  And for 2018, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office will once again offer people an opportunity to have their turkey fried the day before Thanksgiving.  The Calhoun County Sheriff will have turkey fryers set up at the Sheriff’s Office where they will season, then fry turkeys throughout the day.

The turkeys must weigh less than 17 pounds and be completely thawed and in original packaging.  Turkeys can be delivered starting at 8 am and the cutoff is 10 am or when they reach 125 turkeys.  You can bring a pan to pick up your turkey after it’s cooked.  To have your turkey cooked, a $15 or more donation is required.  The money goes to the Deputy Sheriffs Association where they will furnish a Thanksgiving dinner and buy Christmas presents for children in foster care.

All turkeys must be picked up by 4 pm or they will be donated!  The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is located at 400 W. 8th Street in Anniston.  And a big tip for 2018, if you want to have the Sheriff’s Office fry your turkey, get there way before 8 am so you are insured you are one of the 125 turkeys that will be cooked!  In 2017, around 200 people were already lined up by 7:30 am!

The event takes place on Wednesday, November 21st.  For more info., watch the video below from the Sheriff’s Office.

And see some pictures from a past event below!  Geek Alabama will be out there taking pictures and video of this event this Wednesday!


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