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Roadscapes Wednesday: Watching Cars Illegally Parked Being Towed Away

I stumbled across this, and this is way too funny to watch!  A business in Dallas, Texas has trouble with people parking illegally in their parking spots.  The thing is they have plenty of signage warning people to not park there, but people still do.  Some decide to park here as this area is close to many nearby bars.  So when people decide to park illegally, tow trucks come to tow their cars away, at $150 per tow!

To make this even more amusing, there are several cameras recording all of the parking and towing action, and someone takes the footage and edits it before uploading to YouTube.  I love the special music used for the tow trucks, and the sad music used when drivers realize their cars are no longer there.  Get a laugh and enjoy a video from the YouTube channel gtoger below where six cars were towed in one night!  Love the editing and sound effects in the video!

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