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Nothing Like The Classics: Older Games That Are Still Amazing!

Gaming has a weird attitude to its history that’s not really shared with any other medium. After all, a film that came out twenty years ago can still be view and considered a classic today whereas gaming seems to be constantly focused on looking forward and ignoring things that came before. The assumption people make is that there’s no reason why you would ever need to play an older game when there are so many great new ones out there right now. However, the issue with this is that it means people end up missing out on some genuine classics. With that in mind, here are some classic games that you can still play today, that are still totally worth your time.


There’s a good chance that you have some vague memory of Runescape if you were active during the early days of broadband internet. From the chunky text to the blocky polygonal characters, there was always a wonderful charm to this classic fantasy MMORPG. However, a lot of people dropped off, moving towards games like World of Warcraft instead. And that’s a real shame because not only does Runescape still have plenty to offer but there have been constant updates making it more and more slick and advanced. Not only that but there are still plenty of communities around supporting the game making things like Runescape gold swap possible. Of course, if you really want that nostalgic buzz, there are still ways to play old school Runescape online as well.

Baulder’s Gate

For those who don’t remember it, it’s tough to fully explain why Baulder’s Gate is so important. After all, fantasy RPGs aren’t exactly in short supply these days with games like Skyrim becoming a full-blown phenomenon. However, the truth is that Baulder’s Gate was the first real attempt to take the fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons and bring it into the video game world. Not only is it incredibly influential, but the remastered version on steam means that it’s more accessible than it’s been in years. You really do owe it to yourself to seek this one out.

System Shock 2

Few games are so fantastic and important that they basically spawn an entire genre off their own back but that’s just how much of a big deal System Shock 2 is. An early game from the creator of Bioshock, this sci-fi first person shooter set the standard for intelligent storytelling, level design, and world building in games. Despite the fact that the visuals are a little clunky by today’s standards, the confidence and energy that exudes from every inch of System Shock 2 is a testament it it’s quality. It’s the kind of game where you’ll find yourself completely forgetting that it came out more than 2 decades ago!

This might just seem like a cry for more and more nostalgia for the past but the truth is that if gaming doesn’t start to pay more attention to its history then that’s a serious problem. New artists can always learn from the past but if young people today don’t have access to older games then that’s an entire chunk of their medium’s history that they’re never going to get the chance to experience and learn from. Remember that looking back can be just as valuable as looking forward.

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