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Revolutionary Steps In The Fight Against Cancer

Cancer still remains one of the greatest risks to humanity. Cancer still affects 38.4% of all men and women, and the rates of cancer are expected to rise by another 2% by 2035. That said, in the past two decades, cancer mortality has dropped by 25%, a major win against the disease. Mortality is set to decrease, but we can all do more to help it further. Here are the modern revolutions in the fight against cancer that we should all be more aware of.

Revolutions in awareness

Many experts believe that raising awareness is still the greatest contribution that individuals can make to reduce the impact it has on us all. The more we know about the risk factors of cancer (what makes it more likely to occur) and the importance of screening and self-screening, the more likely we are to both reduce cancer rates and cancer mortality rates. shows just some of the organizations out there campaigning to raise awareness, each of them in need of both direct donation and help to spread their message. The more aware we are of the problem, the more likely we are not only to lower the risks such as smoking and sedentary lifestyles that make it more probable, but also to convince more people to take the risks seriously and get earlier diagnoses. An earlier diagnosis is one of the biggest contributors to your chances of surviving.

Revolutions in treatment

There are many different types of cancer and different ways of treating them. The work of teams like and the rise of new treatments like immuno-oncology may be hard for the layman to understand. But much of the contributions that we can make as individuals depends on how much we are able to donate and support not only the organizations that raise awareness but also those that directly fund cancer research. The cure for cancer might not be on the horizon, but we can help develop new treatments that can still save lives.

Revolutions in support

The care provided not just by healthcare providers, but by support organizations like Children’s of Alabama. Many businesses, such as Buy Alabama’s Best, have seasonal or long-running campaigns that contribute to these organizations while providing you with services. What’s more, you are able to donate to support organizations directly, too. Some of these organizations help with treatment costs, while others help with the other costs that arise because of a diagnosis, such as travel expenses. Many also provide direct support, such as running support centers, providing advice, and offering access to cancer specialists. Cancer support groups show that it’s not just a healthcare problem, it’s a community problem that the community can have a direct hand in.

By being more aware of the research and new treatments, we can support better care and higher survival rates. By being more aware of the campaigns against the disease, we can help people check themselves and get diagnosed earlier, as well as reducing their risks. We can all do something to help in the fight against cancer.

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