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Foodie Saturdays: Nourish From PBS Digital Studios

There is a new YouTube channel called NOURISH from PBS Digital Studios and Louisiana Public Broadcasting.  Nourish is hosted by Dr. Howard Conyers, who is also a rocket scientist.   Nourish is a show about food – what it says about who we are, where we’re from and the ties that connect us.  Twice each month, they’ll explore the people, culture and science behind what we eat – from farm to table.  Think of this show as food for your mind, body and soul.  As of this post, there are currently two videos you can watch now!

In the first video, Dr. Conyers shows you a short-course on everything you need to know to fire up the pit for whole hog BBQ, South Carolina style, a regional Southern tradition.

In the second video, Dr. Conyers goes to New Orleans and meets New Orleans Chef Leah Chase who makes some tasty gumbo and shows you the right way to make this classic Creole dish.

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