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Roadscapes Wednesday: Pictures Of The New Jacksonville Alabama Traffic Lights

Recently, Jacksonville replaced all the traffic light intersections along AL-21 or Pelham Road.  Before, each intersection was the standard Alabama design.  A steel pole with an overhead light in each corner, with wires attached to the poles.  And attached to the wires were the traffic lights needed.  Some of the older intersections just featured wire hung traffic signals attached to wooden poles.  Some of the traffic lights were decades old, so the time came to replace them.

Now, every intersection with traffic lights are attached on steel poles hung over the road.  The poles are on two corners with LED street lights.  The sensors for the traffic signals that were grinded into the pavement have been replaced with overhead sensor cameras.  And by the way, the overhead cameras are only there to sensor traffic, and they are not recording everything.  And, each intersection now comes with a big green sign attached to the pole identifying the street.  Also, all the ped signals and push buttons were replaced as well.

I love these new designs, and once AL-21 / Pelham Road is repaved, the fresh pavement along with these new traffic lights will look very good!  Below are pictures of all the new traffic lights, enjoy below!

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