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Sunday Discussion: Brian Kemp For Georgia Governor Dumb Gun Ad

Here in Alabama, we have got political ads running on TV from various candidates.  But, one candidate in the Georgia Governor election is getting a lot of negative reactions.  Brian Kemp is a Republican running for governor in Georgia.  One of his TV commercials is very interesting.  A young man is sitting next to Brian in a room that is filled with a lot of guns.  The young man is there to ask one of Brian’s daughters out.  Okay, many young men have to do this at some point.  But, the part where many are upset is where Brian points a shotgun towards the young man.

One rule in guns is you NEVER point a weapon towards someone, even if it’s unloaded.  And especially not towards other younger people.  TV stations across Georgia have gotten complaints about the TV ad, but because of FCC rules regarding political ads, it can not be refused to air.  And on the YouTube comments for the video below, it’s overwhelming against this political ad with a lot of dislikes.  The same thing on Twitter too!  Anyways, what a stupid ad.  I would not be voting for Brian Kemp if I lived in Georgia.  Watch the cringe-worthy ad below!

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