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The Evening Post: Illegal Georgia Election Phone Call By President Trump

Yeah, you’ve heard about it.  Trump tried to illegibly find votes in Georgia, and the story has exploded.  From YouTube channel Legal Eagle, hello, is it [these votes] you’re looking for?  Was […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Georgia Hides South Carolina Loss From Playoff

It was a rough day in Athens this past Saturday as South Carolina rolled into town and spoiled the Bulldog’s perfect season. What was once a Georgia team that was a sure […]

Sunday Discussion: Brian Kemp For Georgia Governor Dumb Gun Ad

Here in Alabama, we have got political ads running on TV from various candidates.  But, one candidate in the Georgia Governor election is getting a lot of negative reactions.  Brian Kemp is […]

Good News Fridays: The Viral Angels Among Us Dogs Hugging Photo

I just love this picture from Georgia!  Two dogs in a north Georgia animal shelter were only hours away from being euthanized.  An animal group named  Angels Among Us Pet Rescue took a picture […]

View The NE Alabama / NW Georgia Christmas Events 2014 Presentation

  Another thing people and families like to do during the Christmas season is to go out and enjoy the major Christmas attractions.  This Geek Alabama presentation talks about and shows you […]

View The Chief Ladiga Trail / Silver Comet Trail Infographic

This took a good chunk of the day to complete, but it is now ready!  The Chief Ladiga Trail and Silver Comet Trail is one of America’s longest rail trails!  Soon, after […]

Watch The Awesome Star Trek Continues Fairest of Them All Episode

The awesome fan made series Star Trek Continues that is made in Georgia is back for episode three of their series, that was made with the help of their Kickstarter campaign.  In […]

Lessons Learned From The Winter Storm Nightmare

What a week in the south!  On Tuesday, everyone was going on their normal business when everything came to a halt!  Soon, kids were forced to spend an entire night at school, […]

Don’t Let Georgia Steal Water From the Tennessee River

Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.  Especially the Atlanta Metro.  You have been allowing unlimited amounts of growth for the past 50 years.  The growth is getting so big now that you are now running […]

The Tornado in Adairsville Georgia

Want ways to help the tornado victims?  Click on the link! http://geekalabama.com/2013/01/31/how-to-help-the-adairsville-georgia-tornado-victims/ The tornado has been ranked as a high end EF3.  In Bartow County, at least 95 structures were damaged, with 31 […]

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