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Good News Fridays: Learn More About The Blessing Box

All over the country, you have something called the Little Free Library, these small boxes inside have books, and a person can pick up or drop off a book.  But, what if a person does not need a book, but needs a meal, or basic things like toilet paper.  Luckily, someone thought of this and has created the Blessing Box.

Denise Olivastri, along with her husband and friend, put up their first Blessing Box in Talladega at Crimson Gypsy’s Cottage.  The premise is simple, you can bring items to the box or if you need something, you can take something from the box.  The box is open 24/7, and you can take what you need, no questions asked.  The box can hold non-perishable food and toiletries, and they ask the items are not expired and the UPC barcode is “X” out so the items can not be returned back to the store.

Here are the guidelines to the Blessing Box Pantry:

  • Leave only non-perishables items such as soup, sauces, Instant Potatoes, rice, dried pasta, canned fruits and vegetables, crackers etc. on the top two shelves. On the bottom shelf place toiletries such as soap, shampoo, lotion, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, tooth paste, diapers and pet food, etc.
  • Black out the bar codes by putting an X through them, a single black line through them or writing a BB over the them (Blessing Box)This is to prevent store returns.
  • PLEASE no chocolate or soda pop (cans may explode and chocolate melt in heat) no razor blades, knives or sharp objects, no chemical based products or cleaning products. Please do not leave any open or expired food.

The group also accepts prayer requests.  If you feel forgotten, lost, lonely or sad, had a bad day or don’t feel glad, lost a loved one, not feeling well or needing peace, comfort and spiritual support, email them at [email protected].  They will pray for you and each request they receive.

As of the writing of this post, here are the locations of the Blessing Boxes.

  • Talladega – 206 Coosa St W (in front of the Crimson Gypsy’s Cottage)
  • Pell City – 1916 1st Ave N (across from City Hall)
  • Eden – 215 Cogswell Ave (in front of Kids Closet and More) next to where Fox Pizza used to be
  • Moody – 2713 Moody Parkway (in front of Fine Pools Moody)

This is a great idea, and something I hope will expand to other places.  Where I live in Anniston, these boxes would be greatly appreciated!

Learn more about the Blessing Box at:

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