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Good News Fridays: Force For Daniel Was A Success

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On this Good News Fridays, let’s talk about a wish from a Star Wars fan who had terminal cancer getting his wish to see the Star Wars: The Force Awakens early.  A terminally ill Star Wars fan named Daniel Fleetwood was very ill from cancer (spindle cell sarcoma).  Sadly, the cancer is terminal and Daniel was worried that he would not live to see the new Star Wars film in theaters.  So, the Internet movement called #ForceforDaniel was created to convince Disney to screen the movie early for this fan.

Well, this week the mission was completed!  Director JJ Abrams called the family, and Daniel and his family got to screen an unedited version of the new Star Wars movie in their home!  Ashley Fleetwood, Daniel’s partner, put out this update on Facebook!


Thank you Disney and Lucasfilm for making this happen!  Now, let’s hope Daniel can live to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters.  Now please, don’t spam this family about plots and storylines, we can wait one more month!

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