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Book Reviews: The Mighty Knights / Sapphire’s Castle

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This is a Geek Alabama Book Review!  And on this review, I am going to review two children’s books I have received in the mail.  The books are called “The Mighty Knights” and “The Mighty Knights: Sapphire’s Castle.”  Both books are written by Peter J. Clark and illustrated by Kory Fluckiger.  The thing is the books are currently going through a Kickstarter campaign, and I was sent the books to review and talk about their Kickstarter campaign.

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In “The Mighty Knights”, two boys battle a dragon before bedtime.  One thing I enjoyed is the animation was very cool and the words are easy to read for any age.  Here are a few pics from the book.

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In “The Mighty Knights: Sapphire’s Castle”, a bog and a girl battle a two-headed dragon inside their custom clubhouse in a tree.

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This is their second book, and the animation was done great here too!  Here are a few pics from that book.

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As you can see, both books involve a lot of fantasy.  I mean, dragons and battling them is something you would find on Game of Thrones.  In both books, you find plenty of colorful and easy to see animations.  The vivid eyes on the dragons and the details of the characters were done very well.  The words in both books are easy to read with a big font.  And the best thing is the font is done in very create ways on each page!  These are books any geeky and nerdy family would enjoy reading to their kids!

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Overall, I enjoyed both books!  And right now, you can get both books in their Kickstarter campaign!  To pledge, go to:

I received both books for a book review.

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