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Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun At Let’s Play Videos, Not A Smart Move


Well, there are a lot of people angry at Jimmy Kimmel.  What happened, he took a major shot at the geeks/nerds by criticizing YouTube Gaming, or let’s play videos.  The first video with 1.1 million views, and over 133,000 dislikes, is a Jimmy Kimmel skit about YouTube Gaming.

Then, after a ton of angry comments, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be nice to read some mean comments.

And after more mean comments from the video above, why not read some more bad comments.

And Jimmy Kimmel finally did a smart thing and found out what let’s play videos are all about with Markiplier and MissesMae.

Come on Jimmy Kimmel, I mean most of us in the geek and nerd world love watching others play video games!  Poking fun at game streaming was not a smart move and might have hurt you in the long run!  Next time, don’t poke fun at the geeks and nerds!

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