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My Little Pony, Steven Universe, And More Quick Renewals


So all the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic are probably stoked because late yesterday Hasbro released a tweet saying season 6 of the show is coming, in 2015.  Yes, 2015.  Keep in mind that we are only halfway through season 5 of the show, and it will take until September or October to complete season 5 on Discovery Family.  So this means a very short hiatus.

I am kind of questioning this tweet, and here is why.  It takes a very long time to make a full season of 26, 30 minute cartoons.  I know this because I talk to animators and interview them.  It can take up to a year or more to write, voice record, storyboard, and animate a full season cartoon.  So here is what I am thinking.  One, this could be a shorten 13 episode season 6.  Two, they will premiere season 6, but there will be a lot of breaks in between episodes.  Or it will be a full 26 episode season 6, but you might find some animation errors.

I guess we will find out more details during Comic-Con.  We also have the third Equestria Girls movie coming this Fall.  And we will have the My Little Pony movie in 2017.  I mean, if it’s a full season 6, then I am happy for it, let’s go like the Discovery Family slogan says!  There was an almost one year gap in between season four and season five, so I guess the early season six start is a way to say thank you to the fans?  I guess we will wait and see!

Also, another cartoon I like is Steven Universe!  The show has gotten a massive following and in no surprise, Cartoon Network has renewed Steven Universe for season 3.  Rebecca Sugar must be jumping for joy, because she has created a cartoon that could be more popular than Adventure Time!  Steven Universe features Steven who is a human boy and the Crystal Gems who are a quartet of humanoid gems who protect the earth from evil.  Steven lives with the Gems– Garnet, Pearl, and Amythest– in their beachside temple.  And the series has been cute to watch!

Also, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, and Regular Show were also renewed!  But Cartoon Network needs to cut down on the Teen Titans Go airings, that show is getting old!

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